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Associate Vice President (Product): Oct 2017 - April 2020

OYO was where I transitioned from being an experienced product manager to a product leader. First headed the B2B demand channel (corporate travel, Travel Agent, etc.) and then the B2C Consumer Experience Product Team.


Also, contributed to building a team of world-class product team spanning India, Europe, APAC and North America.

Key Projects

OYO Microstays Powerbreak

OYO PowerBreak

OYO's offering focused on micro-stays (Stays < 1 day)

Micro-stays (Room booking <24 hours) is a complicated offering in hospitality industry. While everybody from OTAs (Yatra, GoIbibo) to large hotels (LemonTree, Taj, etc.) to some focused startups has taken an attempt at this, nobody in India was able to crack this at scale till we did!
I ideated and led one of the most complex projects ever undertaken at OYO (60+ engineers, 17 pods, impacted everything from the front-end to pricing algo to inventory to reporting among others) to deliver a new product-led revenue line for the company.

OYO B Direct

OYO B Direct

Booking product focused on the independent business traveller

OYO B, even when completely overhauled, was a sales-led product at least in the acquisition cycle.
I ideated & launched OYO B Direct: a product-led version of OYO B targeted at the independent business traveller offering them core OYO B benefits. While targeted at a very different customer, the growth principles of OYO B Direct were not very different from how products like Slack get adopted in companies.

A year post launch, OYO B Direct accounted for 50% of self-serve business travel revenue.

OYO Business Travel product

OYO B (aka OYO For Business)

OYO's business travel offering focused on both the traveller and the travel admin

OYO B is OYO's offering for the business traveller. This was the first product I managed at OYO and gradually expanded my responsibilities to product marketing and program management for adoption of our self-serve business travel booking product.

Through product innovation, customer-centricity and sales-incentives management, grew product-driven revenue of corporate channel in India by 8X and the number of users 13X over 1.5 years. Later launched the product in Indonesia, Malaysia and the US.

OYO SuperAgent: Travel Agent Platform

OYO SuperAgent

Booking Platform for Travel Agents ranging from small TAs to the biggest names in India

Launched OYO SuperAgent, a Travel Agent Hotel Booking Platform rebuilt from the ground up. The goal was to increase self-serve bookings by Travel Agents (TAs) as compared to account manager driven bookings. In addition to product management, I also led product marketing for SuperAgent.

By 2020-Q1, SuperAgent was live in India, Indonesia, Malaysia & Vietnam with 50K+ registered travel agents & self-serve bookings accounted for 30% of TA bookings compared to a single digit share before SuperAgent.


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